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Thursday, November 19, 2009

a poem found floating by in the cyber space

yashodaragautama says 58 times
detachment brings
non expectation brings
after deliverance
what is there to
call life///////////////

death is welcome as long as life goes on
but when death comes wonder why struggle
to beat it back as anyhow life has
become a living death

Ahhh! dues to creditors of life
child, mother, father , husband , son etc etc unpaid
want to rest restless mind, soul, body, eyes
but scared of the rest too
as still hoping to live a life which
not know how but?????????????

death is scary
life is wary
a third choice
wish i had

view from an old age home

everyone should stay in an old age home at least for a day, to observe and think. Impermanence of everything is so obvious; strength and beauty, health and confidence. All that is visible is disease, old age and death; dukha, the reality of life. What Siddhartha did not see in his time was the effect of money and the modern medicines. In the ancient times,even the kings had to be satisfied with herbs and blood sucking leeches for treatment.

Today, old age and death are fought by doctors. Doctors and modern medicines can prolong life in exchange for money and what is life in a city, without money ? a living death!after wealth goes, friends and relatives are the next to go, followed by dignity and self esteem, adding a whole new dimension to "sans everything" of Shakespeare. The subsequent rounds of treatments take a little more money and effort and give a little less lease of life and it goes on till the very end. There are times when one is forced to choose between quantity and quality; longevity vs quality of life.

train journey

train journey is a great time to read. take a thick book, heavier the contents better it would be; a book like "The tao of physics".
After every paragraph, look outside, at the scenic beauty and liesurely cudchew on the contents.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hope and Despair

When you see a young child struggling up a stair you feel good,because you know the child is getting stronger and adventurous.

When you see an old man struggling up a stair, you feel depressed, since you know that a man once fit taking two steps at a time, is now stuggling and will someday give up the struggle.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

There are no easy answers

There are no easy answers

Today we have more choice than we can handle
and there are no easy answers

it starts from coffee or tea, indian, or south Indian (??),
Chinese or Thai cuisine

marriage or living in
for short term or long term

organization or freelance ..
family or friends

live in your home town or
make a home where you make a living

what about children and parents ?
to what extent you live for them and what do you expect from them ?

what are your rights and responsibilities
to family, society, country and to yourself.

Adopt or follow an established religion, complete with its core beliefs and rituals
or customise one , blaze a new track ?

today, more than ever before, there are more questions than answers;
and there are no easy answers.