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Monday, January 25, 2016

Appy Times

        These are times when  it is difficult to find someone who is not keenly interacting with a smart phone, be it in a cafeteria or a classroom. Even people of my age, have become 'touch-savvy' , if not 'tech-savvy'. Guys who have problem understanding whats an app, understand and use 'WhatsApp'

        There was the time when business men realized that a website had become an integral necessity in their business cards. Today , a business without an app is severely 'handi-apped' .

       For our NDA(National Defence Academy) course reunion, I made a basic website and was brazing myself for a stampede of visitors vying to upload a deluge of articles, photographs and all kinds of memorabilia.

          While our whatsApp group had an average of 150 posts a day along with all kinds of media, the website was like the NDA library, where none ventured unless forced to.
         I wished I could make an app for smart-phones. A cursory browse on the net led me to Android Studio, a beta grade software for app development. Once I installed it on my system, one thing led to another and I surprised myself by creating an app in 15 days. In fact, I created two, one for the course reunion and one for this blog.

       Here's the link to download the app for this blog. (You have to 'allow installation of apps from unknown sources' by going to settings ----security.).

         I just love the learning environment in the IT world today. The net is full of tutorials, Discussion  forums, open source development software and most importantly people who love to share knowledge.

          Appy times are here again. Anything is possible in IT and through IT.